Judy Piatkus

Judy Piatkus

ConsciousCafe was founded in 2011 by Judy Piatkus.

Judy is a pioneer in the world of publishing personal growth and development books and although she sold Piatkus Books in 2007, her interest in consciousness and personal growth endured.

Judy invited some friends to meet up, specifically to engage in deep conversations about how we consciously experience our lives. The group soon expanded as more people asked to join the group.

Within a short time ConsciousCafe had a name and a purpose: to raise global consciousness through conversation and connection.


Discussion Groups

ConsciousCafe group

A London event (our groups don’t use microphones!)

To begin with all the action was in London.  We held events with themes and speakers, smaller discussion groups with time for mindfulness and meditation, World Cafes, walks and talks and a conference on Raising the Vibration of Love. During this time our national network of discussion groups grew.  We now have 13 groups including 1 in Geneva.

The groups are led by experienced facilitators, all of whom have a passion for conscious living and a desire to meet like-minded people.

Our Group Leaders, including Judy, get together as often as possible, either together in a room or via technology, to discuss what they are doing, to share ideas and to shape and grow the ConsciousCafe network.  Our values were agreed by this core team.


ConsciousCafe Values

  • Conscious – deeply aware of self and others
  • Compassionate – warm, caring, welcoming and friendly
  • Accepting – everyone is equal and valued. Non-judgmental approach
  • Committed – engaged, organised and in service to the group
  • Open – open to new ideas and willing to share


ConsciousCafe is a not-for-profit organisation, a friendly and welcoming community, a place to live life consciously.