judy-piatkus-square-imgJudy Piatkus

ConsciousCafe was launched by Judy Piatkus to bring people together for open discussions in a safe space. Judy was the pioneering founder of Piatkus Books, which became known as a pioneer for publishing new ideas in the area of personal growth. Judy ran the company for many years and sold it successfully in 2007.

In 2011 Judy decided she wanted to create small groups to engage in deep conversations about how we consciously experience our lives, so she invited a group of friends to ConsciousCafe’s first event.

The success of this group led Judy to create ConsciousCafe, an organisation dedicated to providing a space where people can connect, explore, engage in conscious thoughtful reflective conversations and learn from one another.


Conscious Conversations

Judy believes that it’s important for you to make a space in your busy life to reflect on and articulate your ideas about how you experience the world you live in, both internally and externally. When you take the time to do that, your awareness of why you do what you do becomes much clearer. As you develop more self-knowledge and understanding, it becomes easier to control your emotions and to achieve peace of mind. 

When you have the opportunity to speak about and explore your ideas and your thinking, you give deeper consideration to what you actually believe. Hearing other people’s perspectives gives you the opportunity to expand your understanding and to benefit from the wisdom of the group.  Exploring your thinking at this deep level, enables you to connect and engage with others in a heartfelt way and to find out what values and experiences have real meaning for you.

Many people who are interested in personal development do not have the opportunity to engage in conscious-raising discussions in their daily lives. Our events and discussion groups aim to provide five main benefits:

  • the fun and enjoyable opportunity for personal growth and conscious conversation with a lively group of thoughtful people
  • the opportunity to meet new friends who you might not otherwise have the chance to meet
  • the opportunity to explore different themes and ideas and to achieve greater understanding of yourself
  • the opportunity to develop more emotional mastery
  • a great way to spend your time


Consciousness Workshops, Events & Seminars

Since 2011 the project has grown and in addition to the original discussion group, ConsciousCafe now runs a range of events, workshops and local discussion groups around the country, focusing on personal development and expanding awareness.


Expanding the Conscious Network

While Judy continues to be the ConsciousCafe leader, she has been joined by several colleagues and advisers – all experienced in personal development and thoughtful wellbeing.

As a team they work together to expand the organisation so that as many people as possible can take part in the conversation.

We invite you to raise global consciousness one conversation at a time by: