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Sarah Alexander

Sarah Alexander is a coach, mentor, author and speaker with 14  years’ coaching experience.  Sarah is passionate about supporting business professionals in undergoing amazing personal transformation whilst achieving results within their career.

She is the author of ‘Spiritual Intelligence in Business’ and ‘Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership’ and has had articles published in several national papers. In The Daily Express she was described as the ‘elegant, calm and collected guru of all things inner gleaming’.


Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz

Is the inner critic ruining your life?

People meet me at a crossroads in their lives, growing from ‘survival’, to ‘living’ with purpose, I freed myself from my dramatic beginnings by owning my shadows, releasing depressed ‘pause buttons’ and living beyond the stuck record that kept me in a safe old groove, an unconscious life-script.

I facilitate self-awareness and share simple tools, bringing authentic presence to men, women, and organisations, working individually, in groups and in the media.

People meet me at a crossroads in their lives, growing from ‘survival’ to ‘living’ with purpose, passion and attractive personal power.


Charlie Efford

Oundle discussion group

I have been fascinated by the wonder and meaning of life for a long time. I am curious about why we are here, what life is all about and where we are going. Connecting with like-minded people is a great way to make new friends and explore our world.

The central theme throughout my life has been leadership. At times I have had direct authority and at others I have learnt to lead through guiding and influencing. My focus now is on creating and holding space for others to connect and grow.

I meditate regularly, am curious about all aspects of spirituality and enjoy being part of ConsciousCafe. My work is centred on consultancy in the corporate world.

Tom Fortes Mayer

Tom Fortes Mayer, happiness author, Harley Street hypnotherapist, International speaker and founder of the FreeMind Project charity that raises awareness about emotional intelligence, success psychology and oneness philosophy. He has presented all over the world in all sorts of environments from anti-corruption training in Nigeria to delivering emotional intelligence training in prisons. Tom is contagiously enthusiastic about the power of the human mind and the innate beauty of the human heart.

Jude Jennison

Jude Jennison is co-founder and director of The Leadership Whisperers, a leadership company who work with senior leaders and executive teams to develop embodied leadership skills and lead business change effectively. Through live events and workshops, The Leadership Whisperers partner with horses who provide non-judgmental feedback, enabling clients to identify their leadership capabilities and transform themselves into courageous and hugely influential non-verbal communicators. Their corporate clients report significant results including resolving conflict, cultural change, turning round financial performance, increasing sales and individuals gaining promotions.


Cora Kemball-Cook

Cora Kimball-Cook

Ever since I can remember I have been searching and reading about spirituality, religion and consciousness. I always felt that communication between people was important and my original career as a Speech and Language therapist and subsequent MSc in human communication enabled a deeper exploring of communication.

Now as a Yoga teacher I am passionate about communicating how to stay healthy and happy in mind, body and spirit.  Based in Canterbury, I teach classes and also run a yoga training course for teachers.

Judy Piatkus

Judy Piatkus founded independent publishing company Piatkus Books which became a pioneer in personal development and spiritual publishing.

Alongside her publishing career, Judy also qualified as a psychodynamic psychotherapist and worked in the NHS.  She sold Piatkus Books in 2007 and is now a coach and mentor to entrepreneurs, as well as an angel investor and co-ordinator of events at ConsciousCafe.

Sam Rosen

I have been involved in personal development and alternative lifestyles for many years attending lectures and workshops of all types. I have participated on awareness programmes like Insight Seminars and the Hoffman process. I have a continuing interest in vibrational medicine and new ways we can protect and heal ourselves. I meditate daily and have practiced yoga for 26 years enjoying the flexibility and vitality it promotes. I am delighted to be part of ConsciousCafe as it actively encourages authentic, diverse dialogue around subjects that really matter in a world of increasing detachment and indifference.

Colin Smith

Colin is ‘The Listener’, a listening skills specialist and the ‘go-to’ person for individuals and teams who want to be heard, think smarter, and transform their business and personal relationships through active listening.

Colin has an innate ability to actively listen to people, and works privately with individuals, enabling them to articulate their creative ideas, address their personal concerns, express their feelings more easily, and to achieve their personal, professional and higher goals.

He works with business teams, facilitating the development and improvement of listening and thinking skills for them to address their Client, business relationship and innovation challenges.

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“(ConsciousCafe events) have been balm and succour to me, understanding the role of consciousness in my day-to-day life; and they have opened me up to conversations I didn’t think possible between sane, let alone ‘successful’ people. They have had a disproportionate impact on my life.”

Ellie B, Entrepreneur

“Food for the mind and soul”

William Murtha
Author of, 100 Words: Two Hundred Visionaries Share Their Hope for the Future.

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