ConsciousCafe groups are expanding all over the UK. We are now into double figures and have launched our first international group in Geneva.

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Bath Bournemouth Bristol
Canterbury Geneva London
New Forest Oundle Plymouth
Skipton St Albans Singapore

Run by experienced facilitators, ConsciousCafe groups are for people like you who choose to live life more thoughtfully and with greater awareness. There is a hunger in all human beings for deep connection and engagement with others. ConsciousCafe offers a safe space to meet and and share thoughts and ideas and to connect with likeminded people in a relaxed atmosphere.. 

People who come to ConsciousCafe are keep to learn, to explore and to grow their own personal development. They want to understand themselves and others better so that they can live the best lives they are capable of.

At a ConsciousCafe event you will have the chance to discuss and share a range of different themes and leading-edge thinking and to get to know and learn from a wide range of people. Fantastic friendships have been formed. Watch our short film to find out more from two of our group leaders.

 The groups offer:

  • A safe space to explore conscious themes and ideas
  • The opportunity to meet and make friends with like-minded people
  • Conscious conversation and reflection leading to individual personal growth and development
  • The opportunity to discover unexpected wisdom and guidance which expands personal consciousness
  • Time for mindfulness and reflection in a safe caring environment
  • The chance to raise personal and global consciousness by contributing from the heart

Each group is run by a ConsciousCafe conscious leader who is committed to their own personal growth and is established on their journey.

The values of our discussion group leaders are:

  • Conscious – deeply aware of self and others
  • Compassionate – warm, caring, welcoming and friendly
  • Accepting – everyone is equal and valued. Non-judgmental approach
  • Committed – engaged, organised and in service to the group
  • Open – open to new ideas and willing to share

Come along and try the group nearest to you!