Our discussion group in Bath is co-led by Britt Tanya and Jo Hooson.

Click on our Facebook page to keep up to date with meetings, or contact Jo directly at johooson@gmail.com

Currently, our Bath group meets in Batheaston.


Meeting dates and themes

Date TBC

Theme TBC

Check back soon for the details of our next event.

Previous Meetings

Wednesday 10th July 


Wednesday 12th June 


Wednesday 15th May 


Wednesday 10th April 

How to get unstuck when life gets sticky

Wednesday 13th March

Ourself and Others. Responding to others more consciously

Wednesday 6th February 

Spirit Guides And Guardian Angels

Wednesday 9th January

Reality V’s Great Expectations

Wednesday 12th December

Christmas Celebration

Tuesday 13 November 

Breakdown Breakthrough

Tuesday 11 September 

Unity Consciousness

Tuesday 10 July, 

Joy & Abundance

Tuesday 12 June


Tuesday 15 May

Emotions – how much of our life is controlled by fear? 

Tuesday 10 April

Being Change

Tuesday 13 March 2018

Discussion on Security

Tuesday 12th December

Gratitude and Dinner

Tuesday 10th October

What is Belonging?

Tuesday 12th September

Collective Consciousness V’s Personal Experience

Tuesday 11th July

Manifesting and Removing Unconscious Block

Tuesday 27th June

Consciousness in the Work Place

Tuesday 9th May

Energy and Money

Tuesday 11th April

Discussion on Trust

Tuesday 14th March

Creating a Conscious World

Tuesday 21st February

Belief in Others

Tuesday 11 October

Inspiration and how to achieve it.

Tuesday 13 September

What is Consciousness For?