Our Bath group is led by Britt Tanya. The venue is near Hilliers Garden Centre, BA2.

Contact Britt at britt@britttanya.com.

Britt uses Facebook to keep in touch with her group and to share ideas and discuss thoughts:

If you are not on social media, or simply don’t like Facebook, please do email Britt on the email above.

Britt also runs our Bristol group and welcomes everyone to either group.

Meeting dates and themes

Tuesday 13 March 2018

Discussion on Security

What it means to us and how it effects us.

Please contact Britt for more information on her email above or contact her via Facebook.

Previous Meetings

Tuesday 12th December, 7.30pm

Gratitude and Dinner

Tuesday 10th October, 6.00pm

What is Belonging?

Tuesday 12th September, 6.00pm

Collective Consciousness V’s Personal Experience

Tuesday 11th July, 6.00pm

Manifesting and Removing Unconscious Block

Tuesday 27th June

Consciousness in the Work Place

Tuesday 9th May

Energy and Money

Tuesday 11th April

Discussion on Trust

Tuesday 14th March

Creating a Conscious World

Tuesday 21st February

Belief in Others

Tuesday 11 October

Inspiration and how to achieve it.

Tuesday 13 September

What is Consciousness For?