Our Bristol group is led by Britt Tanya.

Contact Britt at britt@britttanya.com.

Britt uses Facebook to keep in touch with her group and to share ideas and discuss thoughts:


If you are not on social media, or simply don’t like Facebook, please do email Britt on the email above.

Britt also runs our Bath group and welcomes everyone to either group.

Meeting dates and themes


Tuesday 22 May, 6 – 7.30pm

Marco’s Olive Branch, 76 Victoria Street, BS1 6DR Bristol, United Kingdom

What is the new reality for governing?

This discussion is a look into what the new reality of governance could be. Does our current one in organisations and government work and if not what would? All are welcome, people who are just starting to explore what it means to be conscious and those that have made it their life. Please bring £5 donation for running expenses.

Tuesday 19 June, 6 – 7.30pm

Creating through force or allowing?

There are many different methods in the personal development world people like Tony Robins who are obviously successful seem to put a lot of energy into their success and then there are others such as Byron Katie who rather let life unfold. What does it mean to live from each of these spaces? I hope you will join us and share your insights all are welcome and we love to meet new people. Please can you bring a £5 donation to add to the running costs.

Contact Britt for more info.

Previous meetings

Tuesday 17 April

Divine Plan, Fate, Free Will

Tuesday 30 January 2018 6:00pm

Creating Miracles

Tuesday 9 January 2018

New Beginnings

Tuesday 31st October

Male and Female Energy.

Tuesday 26th September

Consciousness in Intimacy and Sex

Tuesday 29th August

Is it Important to Move through The Darkness To Get To The Light?

Tuesday 25th July

Taking Our Awareness Up A Level

Tuesday 27th June

Consciousness in the Work Place