Our London Group is led by Judy Piatkus

To make an enquiry or come along to the group, contact Judy on Judy@consciouscafe.org

Meeting Dates and Themes

Tuesday 13th November 6:30 – 8:30pm  – New venue: Konditor & Cook, at the bottom of the Gherkin building.

How to Listen Better

When was the last time you felt really heard?

When we can’t connect with people, we will connect with anything we can find.  In this fast-paced, digitally obsessed, escape based society, we are starting to see the growing impact of being disconnected.  We are seeing an increase in addiction, as well as rises in suicide, divorce, mental health and loneliness.

So what can be done to address these challenges?

During this interactive session, Colin Smith will enable us to experience the difference between hearing and listening and what it feels like to be deeply heard.  He will also introduce us to the many facets of deep listening, such that we can incorporate them into our daily practices.

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Meanwhile please check our Groups page as there may be local ConsciousCafe groups near you.

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6th Birthday Party will focus on the theme of Living and Working with Uncertainty.

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Wed 5th April

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A discussion facilitated by Caroline Shola Arewa