This group will be run by Karen Skehel.  Please contact Karen if you would like to be involved:

ConsciousCafe London South West will be run from Karen’s “health club for the soul” which is described as ‘a very beautiful space with lovely energy’. 

Although very much a village, Barnes is less than 10 minutes drive from Kensington outside of rush hour. Ditto from Richmond. (Equally accessible by public transport)

Aside from the providing the space, I bring my strengths and countless years of experience in creativity, idea generation, marketing strategy, coaching, facilitation, leading meditations and Dance of the Heart (A Dance Meditation).

Next Meeting

Tuesday 12th October – 7pm, £10 in advance, (£15 on the door) – booking details below

What is Love? (It isn’t just for Valentines!)

The ancient Greeks used seven words to define the different states of love we can experience:

  • Storage: natural affection
  • Philia: friendship
  • Eros: sexual and erotica
  • Agape: unconditional, divine love
  • Ludus: flirting
  • Pragma: committed, married love
  • Philautia: self love

The Real Love paradigm tells us that Real Love is caring about the happiness of another. Tonight we will explore the following questions from each of your perspectives: What is love  ( and what it isn’ t) ? Love is food for the soul.  What are the reasons it is important to us? How can we benefit from love whether or not we have a special someone in our lives,  or even whether or not we have supportive friends and family?

In this evening of conversation we will explore what love means to us,  what it means to others and how we can live from that place.

There is so much to discuss on the subject of love; Time permitting we will also discuss the relationship between love and appreciation;  the relationship between love and the law of attraction;  as well as asking what is unconditional love? If we don’t have time to explore these other questions, we will include them in the next or a future Conscious Café.

The price is £10 in advance ( or £15 on the door).

Book now at this link: 

We are at

We are a black timber framed building:  We are the first building on the left as you enter Suffolk Road (from Madrid Road), Barnes, London, SW13 9PH.

There is free parking available after noon and all day at weekends.

Really hoping you can make it, and do share with local like minded friends who might enjoy Conscious Café

Previous meetings

Tuesday 12th September

The Art of Surrender