Charlie BW-2Our Oundle group is led by Charlie Efford

Contact Charlie on 01832 281442 or 07798 620852 or email

We meet in the Snug Room, The Talbot Hotel, New Street in Oundle –

Charlie uses MeetUp to contact the group, click here to find out more: ConsciousCafe – Oundle

Meeting dates and themes

Thursday 12th October 7.00pm, £5 on the door, Snug room, the Talbot Hotel

The Seasons and How They Affect Us.

I love Autumn. It’s my favourite time of year, The sun is still warm and the evenings are long enough to enjoy its’ warmth. The colours are golden and mellow. Often the mornings have a crispness that makes me feel very alive.

The seasons each bring their own energy which aligns with and impacts us all.

How are you affected by the seasons? – which one is your favourite and why?

Various parts of the world have very different seasons to the UK – have you had any experience of different seasonal patterns and how did it affect you?

The seasons are linked to the equinoxes and solstices – how do they affect us? 

If global warming changes the seasons – what will happen?

For those new to Oundle, there is a car park behind the hotel in Drumming Well Lane

Please email Charlie to let him know you are coming on 01832 281442 or 07798 620852 or email  You can book through Meetup

Previous meetings

Thursday 14th September 7.00pm, £5 on the door, Snug room, the Talbot Hotel

Hope and Fear

Thursday 27 July 

New Age, New World, New Government?

Thursday 22 June

Why am I afraid to tell you who I am

Thursday 18 May

Truth & Honesty

Thursday 20 April

Power over or Power through the People?

Thursday 16 March

Education – what should we really be teaching our children?

Thursday 9 March

An Interactive Evening Exploring our Body’s Energy Field

Thursday 16 February

God, Great Divine or All that is – What do these mean to you?

Thursday 15th December

December Social & Discussion – Families, Communities and Soul Groups

We are social beings and most of us need to be part of a family and accepted into a community to thrive. In daily life we interact with our relations, friends and many others in the groups that frame our lives. At a different level we have our soul groups and they seem to offer us something more profound.

Thursday 8th December

Group Meditation

Thursday 24th November

Age, Ageing and how it affects us

Age defines us in so many ways. It affects how we see ourselves and those around us. Ageing is inevitable and asks us to confront or be in relationship with our bodies, our minds and perhaps our souls

Thursday 20 October

Law of Attraction – real or not?

There are many books about the Law of Attraction – promising us the secret to manifest whatever we want. The offer is seductive and hard to resist. In practice, bringing what we want into our lives is often harder than the books suggest!

So does the law of attraction really work? 

What do we have to do to make it work (if it is real)?

What real life examples have you had?

Thursday 22 September

Victims, Persecutors & Rescuers. Why do we choose the roles we play?

Which role do you find yourself playing most often; victim, persecutor or rescuer? 

Many people seem to be choosing to be victims. Does society have an impact? What does being a victim looks like in practice and what  is going on for the rescuers and persecutors. 

I am also curious about the spiritual dimension – choosing to be happy is one aspect of our spirituality, what we are learning about people and relationships when we play these roles maybe another. 

Thursday 25 August

Spiritual Growth & Relationships

How do our partnerships and special relationships help with our spiritual growth and how do we contribute to the growth of others?

Some thoughts that come to mind

• What is the purpose of marriage and is divorce a bad thing?

• One partner or many partners?

• How important is sexuality in a relationship?

Monday 11th July

Divine Plan, Fate & Free Will – how do we navigate through life?

We live on the planet of free will where we can make our own life choices – or can we?  How does a Divine Plan and Fate affect our ability to be truly free?  Should we simply make the best choices we can or surrender to Divine will ?

Wednesday 29 June

To be Human is to be Musical

Life Music

… or more accurately, to be human is to BE music – the steady rhythm of our hearts, the melody of the rise and fall of our breath, the counterpoint of our many interactions…

In the words of one practitioner:

Just one of the many things I love about Lifemusic is its spontaneity, unpredictability, kaleidoscope of surprises, the way it moves me (emotionally and physically), thrills me and provides the brushes and paintpots which create pictures ‘in and out of my imagination’.’

Thursday 23rd June

Souls, Personalities and Egos – Who are we?

Our identity is shaped by our Mind, Body, Soul, Personality and Ego amongst others – but who are we really?

Thursday 19 May

What does being a good person mean?

Society has strong values about what makes you a good person. What do you think?

Thursday 21 April 

What would a world with male and female energies in balance look like?

“For you are more than just a thought. You are my everything. You are my Yin as I am your Yang. Together we make the world go round.”            

Angelia Bailey

Thursday 17th March 

Does the world need more Conscious people?  

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” (Albert Einstein)