We’re excited to announce our new discussion group will launch on Monday 19 June in Skipton, Yorkshire.  Meetings will be held at Hettie’s, 8 High Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 1JZ

The group will be run by Gina Lazenby.  Contact ginalazenby@me.com or info@consciouscafe.org to find out more details or to register your interest.  

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Meeting dates and themes


Monday September 25th, 6.00 – 9.30pm, £6.96 (tickets available here)

Career Change:

and other life-quaking events that cause us to shift our Identity

Do you ever feel like life used to be more straightforward, dare I say simple?

Back in the day, you trained for a career as a nurse, teacher, or banker and that was expected to last for a lifetime until you became a retired nurse, teacher or banker. Now it is normal, even expected, that not only will you have many different employers, but you will also change career or profession several times. Sticking with one thing without a break was previously seen as being steady and reliable, now….. if you haven’t taken a year off to walk through the Amazon, people think there’s something wrong with you and that you can’t take a challenge!

As well as all these career and work changes, life has its own natural transition points as our personal responsibilities evolve, and even our biology changes. Getting married or divorced; becoming a parent with a young family then years later, presiding over an empty nest; adapting to diminishing health, feeling the need to take it easier in later life … there’s a long list for why people reassess their lives and initiate change. Even the smallest change can make us adjust our sense of self while more dramatic upheavals can completely ask us to shift our identity. Moving into a newer version of ourselves can be uplifting and exciting but not necessarily without its growing pains.

In tonight’s Conscious Cafe Conversation we will discuss how we might navigate a new future and increase our resilience and ability to living with what seems to be a life of great change as the new norm. We will share insights from those who have handled life shifts or are going through them. Perhaps you harbour a secret desire to do something completely different and are wondering what to do and and how to get started?

Starting us off with our conversation, Conscious Café host Gina Lazenby will share how she used the upsets that happened in her life to move from being a successful marketing executive to becoming a feng shui author and a radio show host. Lisa Milnorgave up her high-flying accountancy career in financial services to train in yoga and become a meditation teacher. Life is full of surprises. What might be unfolding for you?

Reinvention Unwrapped! Gina will also share some feng shui tips which can help in the transition process.

Some changes we embark on can mean all we have to do is make a few simple adjustments to our routines while others mean a complete identity shift.

How can we make the transitions and navigation of these life-quakes easier?

Three Questions for Discussion:

1 How do you describe yourself? As one single identity or as a number of roles? And in what priority order do you list these roles?

2 What were the pivotal moments or occurrences that acted as the catalysts which caused the greatest changes in your life? A single moment or a series of events? What events might be happening for you now?

3 What are, or have been, your personal strategies for managing the change process as your life shifted so that you maintained your resilience?

Even if you are not going through a life shift, we welcome your input and you might well find it useful for a family member or friend.

The evening format:

Tonight’s event follows on from our successful launch in June.

6pm Welcome tea & networking

6.45pm Opening & Introductions

Presentation, discussion in small groups, sharing feedback.

9pm Formal close

Find our Facebook Page Conscious Cafe Skipton https://www.facebook.com/ConsciousCafeSkipton/


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