Our discussion group in Skipton is led by Gina Lazenby.

Click on our Facebook page to keep up to date with meetings, or contact Gina directly at ginalazenby@me.com.

Meetings are currently held at Gina Lazenby’s Healthy Home in Skipton town centre.

Alternate venues are sometimes used, so do ensure to double check whenever you attend an event!

Meeting dates and themes

Wednesday 17th July 18:00 – 21:30

A Culture of Kindness

Pioneering philosopher Tim Freke has been exploring spirituality since a spontaneous ‘awakening’ at age twelve. The author of 35 books, Tim is an original thinker with a contagious enthusiasm for the human adventure, who shares life-changing ideas with clarity and humour. He describes himself as “passionately curious” and is joining us at Conscious Cafe Skipton to share his insights and ideas about he sees as a new culture emerging.

Tim draws our attention to what he sees as an astonishing leap forward in the history of humanity that is quietly gaining momentum. He says “Never before have so many of us felt compassion for people we will never meet who are suffering in distant lands. More and more of us care deeply about other species and the natural world. A smaller but ever-increasing number are awakening to a profound sense of oneness with everyone and everything.”

Tim will introduce his new philosophy about ‘Unividualism’ that unites science and spirituality to bring deep understanding and real hope to the human adventure. You will experience a ‘Unividual Meditation’ that awakens a state of communion and ‘big love’. This will be an invitation to become part of a new global tribe of unividuals that can transform our individualistic self-serving society into a culture of kindness.

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Monday 25th September

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and other life-quaking events that cause us to shift our Identity

Monday 19th June

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