Our discussion group in West Dorset is led by Helena Garby.

Contact Helena directly at consciouscafewestdorset@gmail.com for further information


Meeting Dates and Themes

Next event coming soon

Past Meetings

Monday 25 October 7pm – 9pm


Thursday 14 June 2018   

Education:  How should we bring up the next generation?  

Thursday 12 April 2018  

Politics, Religion and Ethics

Tuesday 13th March   

Discussion on Friendship

Thursday 15th February   

Does Choice or Chance determine our Destiny?

Tuesday 8 January 2018 


Tuesday 5th December

Having Magic in your Life and Getting it Back when it goes Away

Wednesday 1st November 

Conscious Relationships: finding ourselves, finding each other – guest speaker Nicola Forster

Tuesday 3rd October 

Caring for the Planet, Caring for Humanity

Wednesday September 

Finding your own Spiritual Path

Monday July 17th

Happiness: getting what you want or wanting what you get?

Wednesday 14th June

Be the change you want to see in the world

Tuesday 9th May

What is love and why do we need it?