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Harnessing the Power of the Seasons

11 September @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

£12 - £20


We invite you to join us for a very special evening with Liz Rivers, where you will have the unique opportunity to learn all about the Celtic calendar and how you can use it to tap into the power of the seasons.

Modern life has disconnected us from nature’s cycles. Many of us yearn for more contact with nature than is often available to us.

By honouring the gifts of the natural world that each season brings us, and learning where we fit into the cycle of nature, we can unlock an empowering new presence within our very selves.

The Celtic calendar is an ancient system of marking the changing seasons – a powerful method for staying satisfyingly connected with nature, wherever you live. This little known tool will help you tap into the power of being aligned to each season, and honouring what is on offer.


In this interactive workshop presented by Liz Rivers you will learn how to use the Celtic calendar to: 

  • increase your wellbeing and sense of flow
  • refine your sense of “right timing” – know when to wait and when to take action
  • have the power of nature on your side rather than having to do all the work yourself
  • manifest your ideas with greater ease
  • befriend the ebb and flow of the inner “seasons” of your bodily cycles


Liz Rivers has been a corporate lawyer, environmental activist, psychotherapist and a pioneer in the use of mediation to make organisations better places to work (she was the first woman in the UK to qualify as a commercial mediator). She now coaches women and men to become better leaders by listening to their bodies and recognising we are all part of Mother Earth. A resident of East London for over 30 years, she has spent time in the wilderness in South Africa, done a 3 day solo vision quest in the Sinai desert with the Bedouin and spent time with Quechua tribes in the Ecuadorian Amazon. A student of Celtic Tantra for many years, she lives by the seasons and is passionate about sharing these practices with others in order to create more harmony in the world and help people to reconnect with their innate love of the nature and all its beings.  





We are enhancing this event with a networking opportunity in a café nearby. We will meet at 4.30 pm and you will have the chance for a networking conversation with Conscious Cafe people. We will also go out together after the event for a drink or a snack so that we can continue the conversation afterwards. Please email judy@consciouscafe.org if you would like to come to the early networking event and/or the supper afterwards, and we will let you know where we are meeting. 


Cancellation Policy Full refund minus 10% up to 7 days beforehand (Wednesday 4th September) after which we apologise, but cannot offer any refund due to room hire and administration costs.


11 September
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
£12 - £20
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Steiner House
35 Park Road
London, NW1 6XT United Kingdom

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