New Forest’s 2018 Conscious Cafe came to a festive close with our annual Christmas party, featuring a lush Christmas Dinner from Tessie. Secret Santa gifts were merrily shared, and some of us were keen to share favourite recitals; “Albert the Lion” by Janet and “Fading Fast” by Anne were great hits! As ever, the evening was filled with great conversation, much laughter (and even some dancing!)

A lot of great insights were taken away with us this evening. One choice affirmation is from Diana:

“I am strengthening my resolve to say ‘no’ to those things I do not wish to participate in. Self Process: in any given relationship try to discern the level of love present within it. Stand up for yourself and know your own self worth.”

Another favourite insight was from Marcos:

We can learn not to keep situations or events alive in our minds, but to return our attention consciously to the pristine, timeless present moment rather than be caught up in mental movie-making. Our very Presence then becomes our identity rather than our thoughts and emotions.”

The Conscious Cafe New Forest group had a fabulous end to their 2018 and would like to pass an end-of-year question on to you: what have you learned this year that has had an impact on your life?

Wishing you a great Christmas and a fruitful & fulfilling 2019!

Anne x
New Forest Group Leader

New Forest’s next event will be on the theme of Coping With Adversity: how we take what we can from the year gone by and the year to come. Anne will be sharing some favourite techniques she uses to keep herself uplifted and positive when life is at its most challenging, and inviting participants to share their own, encouraging us all to “take on” and stamp our own impression on the year ahead. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Date: Monday 7th January 
Venue: Myrtle Hall
Time: 7pm to 10pm
Cost: £7 (includes a vegetarian meal)
To book: RSVP to Tel: 07899890809