Justine Clement, recently attended the 2016 Health and Wellbeing show, looking for evidence that leadership and consciousness could go hand in hand.

Justine, founder of learnshedlive, was underwhelmed, finding it “a little lacklustre, full of government statistics, foreboding about the future and well, just rather average talks. Where was the vitality and dynamism one might expect would accompany a show on such a (potentially) positive subject?” 

It’s intriguing that Justine didn’t find the vitality she was looking for at the Wellbeing show – has it got too big, or has it compromised on diverse content, delivering a mainstream menu in order to appeal to the masses?   It’s interesting that blue chip companies find even the word ‘happy’ too American.  What language will appeal and engage the big companies?

It seems Jude Jennison has found this holy grail with her Leadership with Horses workshops: Justine was “enthralled to hear of her work with horses which helps senior leaders and executive teams lead through uncertainty and transform their businesses. Apparently nothing sees through you and your poor leadership style quite like a horse. Sounds mad of course, but its profound, humbling and radical work that has a huge impact on participants and businesses.”

“It felt edgy, a bit radical and incredibly authentic, all in one. Just what the corporate world needs.”

Jude Jennison is a close friend of Judy and Supporter of ConsciousCafe.  Her work with horses is inspiring and profound and we’re delighted that she has offered to run her Leadership with Horses workshop for ConsciousCafe on 7th June.

Leadership with Horses

We were delighted that Justine found the Health and Wellbeing show “in complete contrast to the brilliant event run by Conscious Café that I went to last week. Held approximately once a month and drawing a mixture of successful leaders and entrepreneurs, they’re organised by the wonderfully talented, yet utterly demure Judy Piatkus, founder of Piatkus books, an inspirational speaker and coach. I’ve been to 3 sessions now and each time I attend I find that Judy’s ability to find fascinating topics and really good speakers, on emotional wellbeing and intelligence, remains unchallenged. Even the people I sat next to left a marked impression on me for days afterwards.”

Justine, thank you so much for your kind words. It makes us very ‘happy’ (no, we don’t find it too American!) that you find our topics fascinating and our speakers, unchallenged – it’s what we set out to do. 

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