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Street Wisdom

Last Saturday 19 of us met with three facilitators for our ConsciousCafe Street Wisdom experience. Street Wisdom is the brainchild of David Pearl who believes that many of the answers to questions and problems that challenge us in our lives can be found in the streets around us, if we would only take the time to […]


Discover Your True Relationship with Yourself

Mark Ballabon presented unique and thought-provoking ideas  at our ConsciousCafe event this week, Discover Your True Relationship with Yourself. Mark has immersed himself in all aspects of self-development over many years and approaches life from the vantage point of a mystic. He left us all with 7 tips for leading a more conscious life. Here they […]


Can Leadership and Consciousness go hand in hand?

Justine Clement, recently attended the 2016 Health and Wellbeing show, looking for evidence that leadership and consciousness could go hand in hand. Justine, founder of learnshedlive, was underwhelmed, finding it “a little lacklustre, full of government statistics, foreboding about the future and well, just rather average talks. Where was the vitality and dynamism one might expect would […]


Welcome to the ConsciousCafe website, from Judy

Our ConsciousCafe website marks a lovely milestone for all of us. It is five years since I sent out the first invitations inviting a group of friends and colleagues to come and join together for an evening of discussion on the topic of consciousness. 25 likeminded people – teachers, authors, healers, professional people, all of […]


Judy Piatkus talks about Conscious Cafe on Positive Living. Interview by Sara Troy

Sara Troy of Positive Living interviews our own Judy Piatkus about ConsciousCafe, how it started and where it’s going, Judy’s worldview and also a segment on self-publishing versus traditional publishing towards the end.  


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