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Idea for Random Acts of Kindness Day

Please click below to read Maryon Stewart’s blog More Love Less War   www.maryonstewart.com/blog/2016/11/8/more-love-less-war   Maryon Stewart is an author, broadcaster and activist founder of the charity Angelus which has campaigned to educate the public about the danger of legal highs. Maryon is an adviser and consultant on women’s health in midlife and her website […]


What your Self Image says about you (or not) …

Following our very powerful September event facilitated by Claudia Roth of Soul Luxury, when we explored the new way of doing business which is learning to ‘allow’, Claudia has shared this blog with us: My reality was shaken when I was in Auroville in the south of India last November! For many years (even decades) […]


Why the energy of love is important

The US election is nearing its conclusion. Whatever happens now, November 2016 will be a landmark date in history. For the ugliness of this election has exposed the failure of the US democratic process in that two highly unsuitable and unpopular candidates have polarised views and torn the American nation apart. During the next week […]


My Inspirational Journey on the Tube

My Inspirational Journey on the Tube. I had come from Bath to London to experience an authentic ConsciousCafe meeting. It was a hot and sticky night as I squashed into the first tube that came along. As I moved to create some space between myself and the other commuters, I couldn’t help but hear the […]


Wherever You Go, There You Are – the meaning of Mindfulness.

On behalf of ConsciousCafe Judy facilitated a discussion group on the topic of Beyond Mindfulness at Editorial Intelligence’s NNN Festival in London in June.  Here is the story of how Judy became interested in mindfulness:   I have been re-visiting my ideas about mindfulness in the last few days in preparation for an event which […]


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