Is a 4 day week the answer to less stress?

The Green Party thinks it’s time that our working lives had a complete re-think. Whether you follow their politics or not, their manifesto puts forward a strong case for a 4-day working week. Is that crazy?

France is more productive than the UK

Since year 2000, France has legislated for a maximum 35 hour week and they are reportedly, more productive than the UK. There are many reasons for suggesting a shorter working week and exhaustion is just one of them. Can you really be productive and effective the more hours you work?


If you think that having an extra day off a week is attractive but unsustainable what about the proposal from the New Economics Foundation to have a 21 hour work week? Would this help you manage your life better? Can business owners take this seriously? Is there a benefit to productivity?

6 vs 4

There was a time in the living memory of many when six working days was the norm. As our economy grows and expands who really reaps the benefits? Is it the worker … or are we simply more burdened, stressed, over-worked and risking our mental health?

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