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Become a Supporter of ConsciousCafe and be a part of something bigger than yourself as we join together to raise global consciousness, one conversation at a time.

To hear the benefits for yourself, watch our short film, below.

We are a Social Enterprise organisation and rely on contributions from people who come to our events to fund our activities. When people come together with love in their hearts, good things happen – we want to bring people together so we can make a positive difference in this world.

Everyone who contributes their time to organise consciousCafe events is a volunteer.  If you are a regular attendee – or even if you have only come once – please give generously to support raising consciousness on the planet

Our next project is to update our website. Thank you so much for all your support.

We would like to thank the large numbers of ConsciousCafe Supporters who give so much of their time and energy for free.

Our Supporters pay an annual donation of £50 (concessions available).

Supporter Membership Benefits

As a Supporter you’ll receive:

  • ConsciousCafe membership

  • Discount on all our events

  • ConsciousCafe newsletter

  • Access to our online discussion forum

  • Occasional discounts for products and services