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A Conversation on Uncertainty

We had a wonderful, deep and honest conversation on the topic of uncertainty on Wednesday night. The Conservatory is the perfect place with an intimate feel about it.
Our conversation ranged far and wide from talking to the moon and finding solace from the moon and from nature we realised that we need to accept uncertainty as part of life. We felt that religion may help some people deal with uncertainty by giving them something they could trust in and a feeling of something greater than themselves. Vicky said it is best to “go with the flow and accept that we are just a little wave on the ocean”. One group had looked back to a time many years ago when they faced uncertainty and dealt with it and looked at what they had learnt. Richard remembered that at a difficult time of uncertainty in his career keeping up a dialogue with everyone helped. Someone said that she had learnt that uncertainty “bears a gift”. Somebody else said “We can learn to thrive on uncertainty. Feel it, allow it and surrender. See what your gut feels”. We also realised that everyone is different in their reactions to uncertainty as for some it may trigger fear and stop them progressing whilst others feel the fear and uncertainty but don’t let it hold them back.

Leadership with Horses

The leadership whisperers

Jude and Emma (above)                                                               Everyone listening (right)

Revealing our leadership style through the horse (below)

Jude - girl leading horseObstacle exercise

Teamwork (right)











How I overcame my mental health issues

When I was eight years old, my father received a phone call at home, “we’re coming to kill you, tonight”, said the voice on the other end. It was 1972 in Uganda, and my family and I were forced to flee for our lives from Idi Amin’s ruthless henchmen.

Kenny Mammarella-D-Cruz, The Man Whisperer and a ConsciousCafe Network Team member writes in the Huffington Post sharing how he overcame his mental health issues. Click here to read the full blog: 

Kenny’s ConsciousCafe event, Is Your Inner Critic Ruining Your Life is on July 14th.  Book now to meet this wonderful man and allow Kenny to help you get to know the different parts of your personality. If you want an experiential evening that offers you insights and the space to discuss, explore and change your inner workings, then this is the space for you!

Gift of an Angel

the gift of an angel

by Wendy Erlick 

Gift of An Angel; This is a true story about angelic verification and being in contact with a personal guardian angel; about being able to receive messages and verify them; learning to have faith and surrender. Its about being on a spiritual path, about finding a life’s work but also having fun; to be able to laugh at absurdity, not taking all of this too seriously on the one hand and taking it very seriously indeed on the other. For being on a spiritual path is a journey to integration and joy, a journey in which we are the hero or heroine, however unlikely a label that may seem. And if its as serious as that it is also as joyous and wild as that. TheGift of An Angel will inspire and assist anyone on or setting out on their own spiritual journey, especially if this includes the desire to connect to angelic realms. 

Wendy Jane Erlick is an angel channeller; energy worker and healer as well as an intuitive coach. Wendy runs workshops, has her own private practise and currently works from Watkins Bookshop as an Angel Channeller and Coach on a weekly basis. She is a regular contributor to Kindred Spirit Magazine.    This link will take you to a recently published extract of her book:


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Leadership Beyond Measure

 Leadership beyond measure

Leadership Beyond Measure: Profound learning with horses to transform leaders and business by Jude Jennison 

Jude Jennison shares her extraordinary story of bringing Leadership with Horses into business, only six months after overcoming her fear of horses. She explores seven leadership lessons that individuals and businesses learn from working with the horses and maps them back to real life and business situations.

If you want to end the struggle of leadership and find ways to live and work in harmony, pick up this book. Expect to be challenged and provoked into exploring your impact at a greater depth. 

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