ConsciousCafe is such a wonderful concept and some pretty amazing people gravitate towards it.

Jessica Richards

I have enjoyed every ConsciousCafe event I have attended. They have always been rich in content and learning and I have always made meaningful connections with likeminded people.

Nikki Levitan, Empowerment coach

ConsciousCafe is the place I get inspired and connected with like-minded people who are making a difference to the lives of others in their own way.  Even on days when I feel tired after work, I know that after soaking up the amazing energy at a ConsciousCafe meeting, I will feel revitalised and full of purpose.

Maryon Stewart, Transformational health coach, author and broadcaster, Founder of the Angelus Foundation. 

My experience of ConsciousCafe is always a positive one and on many levels:  in one-to-one conversations with Judy and other members, in well-structured group conversations on diverse themes that are challenging, inspiring and expansive, or even simply staying informed and connected virtually by newsletter about upcoming topics and a range of speakers and workshops that are typically timely and relevant to both my individual and our collective journeys for these amazing times of change in which we live.

Rich Bellars, Guiding Evolving Leaders 

I arrived in London on my own three years ago from Australia.  I joined a number of networking groups and organisations, from womens’ groups to philosophy groups to Chatham House. Of all the groups I experienced, ConsciousCafe has been my favourite.  It is well-organised with a relaxed atmosphere.  There is a lot of trust in the room to speak freely and I particularly enjoyed the diversity of people I met, both men and women. ConsciousCafe provides a rich learning environment and plenty of fun and entertaining conversations and I have met several friends who I hope will be long term.

Liz Paslawsky, Senior Business executive in health and wellbeing, author

Conscious Cafe is a forum where like-minded people can network and gather to discuss consciousness and spiritual issues. It is a wonderful place to exchange ideas and to feel you belong to a group that is about changing mind-sets about society in order to move towards a more caring and open world based on the respect of the environment and others. Each meeting is different and topics change every time. I love the fact that we start and finish with a meditation or practice for mindfulness, and I always know that something has changed in me for having been there. It gives me an increased feeling of connectedness within myself and with others.

Viviane Garbe, Living Harmony Practitioner

I always get so much out of the Conscious Cafe events: the high quality of the speakers and events and the stimulating and unpredictable conversations with fellow-guests always ensure a memorable evening. Thanks also to Judy for making it all possible, and for being such a warm and charming hostess. 

Simon Buckland, counsellor

ConsciousCafe has always been my favourite activity. Living in such a busy city like London with so many things happening every day, there is no other event that can compete with ConsciousCafe for stimulating thoughtful conversation, therefore it is always at the top of my list to attend. The quality of the people and their energy, the topics discussed and the purpose, make it unique. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is curious to understand the world we live in better, and is open-minded.  

Mirela Sula, Editor in Chief of Global Woman magazine

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