I attended my first ConsciousCafé in July and loved the evening.
We were put into groups for an exercise and the 4 of us got on so well and had so much to share, that we decided to meet up again. Which we did.  And it was lovely.  And we will meet again.
Thank you Judy for creating a space for conscious connection and meeting people on a deeper level.’
Marianne Hartley

‘ConsciousCafe has always been my favourite activity.’

Mirela Sula, Founder of Global Womans Network

I always get so much out of the Conscious Cafe events: the high quality of the speakers and events and the stimulating and unpredictable conversations with fellow-guests always ensure a memorable evening. Thanks also to Judy for making it all possible, and for being such a warm and charming hostess. 

Simon Buckland, counsellor

ConsciousCafe has always been my favourite activity. Living in such a busy city like London with so many things happening every day, there is no other event that can compete with ConsciousCafe for stimulating thoughtful conversation, therefore it is always at the top of my list to attend. The quality of the people and their energy, the topics discussed and the purpose, make it unique. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is curious to understand the world we live in better, and is open-minded.  

Mirela Sula, Editor in Chief of Global Woman magazine

It is a rare and special organisation as its purpose and effectiveness has developed in strength and power even as its membership has grown enormously since its conception.   Judy manages that artful balance of encouraging us to express ourselves but also to keep us focused, with every member getting a chance to speak and be heard. Recently The Café has grown in its scope and now includes teaching and experiential seminars and workshops – all giving us a chance to stretch or reconsider our beliefs and to think beyond our “boxes”.

I am always stimulated and inspired by the discussions and brain storming of each meeting.

Anne Jones, Author & Healer

“What has always caught me about ConsciousCafe has been the open space it creates for a great variety of people to explore their wonder and passion for life together. In an atmosphere of warmth and respect, you often discover something you never realised before or have never felt. Judy’s openness and her own spiritual quest infuses the gatherings with a rare honesty and a sense of freedom.”

Mark Ballabon, Natural philosopher, author and teacher

“(ConsciousCafe events) have been balm and succour to me, understanding the role of consciousness in my day-to-day life; and they have opened me up to conversations I didn’t think possible between sane, let alone ‘successful’ people. They have had a disproportionate impact on my life.”

Ellie B, Entrepreneur

“I always enjoy my visits to Conscious Café –I meet old friends, make new friends and feel positively challenged and uplifted by the conversations I have, and Judy is always a gracious hostess.“

Nick Williams, Author of 10 books, including The Work We Were Born To Do

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